Morning Coffee 10.21.08

Lil Wayne has gotten someone else pregnant! Word on the street says that it’s not his ex-wife or his rumored long-time piece and The Dream’s ex-wife, Nivea. Tight pants, tattoos and ‘lean for EVERYONE! [MTV]
RIP Dolemite. Comedian Rudy Ray Moore died at 81 in Toledo, OH this weekend.  [LAT]
The only arena- besides the economy- where $47 million just isn’t enough. McCain only has $47 million left to sway voters before November. Does anyone else think it’s odd that the stereotypically “monied” party…doesn’t have enough money? [G]
OK, remember when the fiance of Anne Hathaway (star of The Devil Wears Prada…yeah, I love her too) was arrested for fraud? Reports says that the government is not treating him with kid gloves- he’s looking at 51-63 months. Somehow, this doesn’t seem very long to me, but maybe I’m just more familiar with guns and drug sentencing. **Shrugs** [Reuters]

CMJ officially starts tonight…oh yeah…five shows in 1 night. Pray for me.

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