Morning Coffee 10.22.08

I’m sorry. This is so Animal House that I had to laugh- even though it’s high school- an entire senior class at an all boys school in Australia were suspended for running near naked- g-strings, ladies, only g-strings- and setting off fireworks. Can I be 17 again? Please? [BBC]

Though critics panned his turn in Righteous Kill, 50 Cent is starring in another film. This time a French movie called 13 Tzameti. Meanwhile, Wayne’s re-releasing Tha Carter III. More ‘lean for everyone? [MTV1] [MTV2]

People are so irritated with the economy that they’ve taken to sending Chase Bank threatening letters filled with white powder. SMH. [Reuters]

eBay is banning the sale of ivory on it’s site…elephants are on their way to extinstinction you know… [PCWorld]

CMJ madness!!! Wale, Mark Ronson, Daniel Merriweather, 88 Keys, Pacific Division…BLU and Beyonce’s listening tonight- WOOP! WOOP!

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