Morning Coffee 10.28.08

A Bollywood film called Fashion opens this Weds and chronicles the Indian fashion industry’s seedy underbelly including drugs, depression and how haute couture is reaching suburbia. [Y!]

Authorities have found the body of Jennifer Hudson’s nephew. This story just gets sadder and sadder. By the time you read this, I’m sure J. Hud will have id’d the body. PLR prayers go out, this thing reaks of extortion. [CNN]

The View‘s Elisabeth Hasselbeck continues to work hard to make me hate her, lol. Here she is introducing expensive taste Palin at a Rep. rally in Florida. In other news, Palin hates Polar Bears. [LAT] [AP]

So the Zimbabwe leaders are fighting, and are trying their “best” to end their quarrelling so they can ask for money to stabilize the country’s crumbling economy. I guess, their food crisis just wasn’t enough. [FT]

If he gives up, what’s left? The Dalai Lama called it quits in hoping that China would give Tibet it’s freedom. =0( [BBC]

I just heard the wackest music news for reliable sources, Jay’s album is coming in Feb 09 and Kanye’s not having an album listening in NYC. Boo. I’m sure Jay will announce that Feb is his month tonight at his New Jersey concert in the boonies, I’ll report back!

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