Morning Coffee 10.29.08

Did you know that Ghana was a drug trafficking epicenter? I didn’t. (fyi, the photo is bags of rice with cocaine bricks on tops…) It’s so serious that the abnormal amounts of cocaine going through the country are threatening the country’s elections. Not sure what one has to do with the other? Read the link. [BBC]

Police now think that more than one person did murdered Jennifer Hudson’s family members. [C]

I may have to move to Massachusetts. They’re voting to abolish the income tax. [USAT]

Uh Oh, the apocalypse is coming. The Christian Science Monitor newspaper is the first paper to abandon its print edition to become a solely online publication. [G]

AHHHH! It’s the attack of the remakes. Thanks to 90210, the CW is plotting a remake of Melrose Place and a film studio might rope Zac Efron into a new take on Footloose. Make it stop. [Reuters] [LAT-Zac]


image via BBC

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