M&S finds its “Sex and the City” groove

LONDON: Oooh we’re all quite excited this side of the pond as Patricia Field’s collection for Marks and Spencer hits the shops in a couple of weeks. Now M&S isn’t really known for high fashion, it’s more like “reliable” fashion…. Say if you needed something smart for work, or a sturdy bra and knicker set or something. So this is quite a departure for the company… but does it hit the right note?

As part of a $8m deal, the Sex and the City stylist will provide just over a dozen dresses.The designs will no doubt be a hit with fans of the show/film, but also the younger edgier buyers will probably customise the dresses to make them a bit more individual.

But there’s a huge problem with these “special collections”… e.g. Kate Moss for Topshop, or Stella MacCartney for H&M – tones of other chicks will have the same outfit, and invariably they’ll be at least three of you in the same frock at a work party or something (especially leading up to Christmas). Not what you want really. So I tend to buy a couple of pieces then hold off wearing it for a couple of seasons. By which time the other buyers have lost theirs at the back of a cupboard somewhere…It’s only then that they can look really great.

—Miss London

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