My Heroes: The Somalian Pirates…in 2008

We’ve written about these Somalian pirates before but NYT says these guys are making 50 million/year TAX FREE!
“The pirates use fast-moving skiffs to pull alongside their prey and scamper on board with ladders or sometimes even rusty grappling hooks. Once on deck, they hold the crew at gunpoint until a ransom is paid, usually $1 million to $2 million. Negotiations for the Ukrainian freighter are still going on, and it is likely that because of all the publicity, the price for the ship could top $5 million.”

Sign me up. I mean, I might lose my life, but what a great story to tell my kids! “Well, Lucy, back in the day, Mommy was a pirate…it’s a long and sordid story…”

Somalian pirates live large while the rest of the coutry fights over scraps

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