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No Bleeding Love for booed Leona Lewis

For the first time in about five years I was a regular punter watching the Mobos at home on the telly, rather than having to go along and work which was a weird experience last week. The Mobos stand for Music Of Black Origin, and I guess is our version of say the BET Awards. But on a smaller scale.
The Mobos are the only televised and high profile “black music” awards in the UK. And last week it was finally staged in an Arena, which is a huge leap from where it first began 13 years ago. So it has done well… but there isn’t the huge cash injection or support that a ceremony like the BET awards receives.

A lot of companies in the UK still aren’t supportive of “black” ceremonies but from the behaviour of some of the award winners and the audience – it’s unsurprising. It just made it feel a bit like kids giving each other achievement awards at school or something. Some people just don’t have much class.

Take for example the winner of best gospel act – some guy called Jahaziel, whom I’ve never heard of. Anyway, I found it hard to understand what he was saying during his acceptance speech, as he decided to chew gum throughout the entire thing. And every time the camera panned the “posh” tables on the main floor – all you could see were people chatting amongst themselves. Not many people were actually paying attention. Not such a good look.

Then there was poor Leona Lewis. I’m not sure how big she still in the USA – but that’s where she was last week, so she couldn’t pick up her award. She did however send a video message. Irrespective of that the audience booed when she got Best Video for “Bleeding Love” and Best Album for “Spirit.” According to punters she was “out of order” for not turning up. Let’s not celebrate the fact that she’s had an amazingly successful career thus far, was the first UK artist to have their album debut at No. 1, and had a single that topped the charts in over 30 countries.

No let’s ignore all of that and boo the fact that because of her successful career she wasn’t able to come to an awards ceremony in London. The English always complain that their artists are often sidelined in favour of their US counterparts. And yet when they DO do well, it’s still not enough. Some people are just never satisfied.

Don’t get me wrong I’m proud of what the Mobo’s has achieved. It’s about the only UK “black” event you can actually watch on TV here – but come on, a little bit of professionalism from the punters wouldn’t go amiss.

—Miss London

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