Pacman- What Happened?

So Adam “Pacman” Jones is suspended yet again. Indefinitely, which pretty much means, you may want to finish that degree, or join an ashram if you’re going to continue to act a damn fool, because in the NFL, how you behave when you leave work determines if you’re going to have a job next week. .
We all know the story about his behavior at All-Star in 2007 and his court case (that was subsequently tossed) we all know he was suspended due to a violation of “league personal conduct policy” and missed an entire season. Even though these conduct policies are pretty loosely worded in the handbook, they are used at the commissioner’s discretion to inflict punishment on wayward players.

Of course the indefinite suspension usually starts at four games. He could be reinstated after that, since there don’t seem to be any pending criminal charges for this latest incident. I doubt it though, missing a season won’t seem like it was enough to teach him to avoid conflicts and alcohol-fueled incidents at all costs. I have a buck fifty that says the guys he fought are Redskins fans.

I don’t feel sorry for Pacman, and you probably don’t either. He makes a lot of money doing a job most people would kill to do. What I am noticing is that the league, under the guise of “being good corporate citizens” feels the need to suspend players that may do a bit too much drinking and partying and get into minor scuffs with the law, while allowing other players to continue to beat their wives, skip out on child support, nurse expensive gambling problems, and coke habits as long as they show up on time.

What is so disturbing about Jones is that he can’t seem to leave trouble and troubling people behind him. He talked the talk and walked the walk long enough to get back into the league and get himself into playing shape. I was behind him during Hard Knocks! He sounded like he had truly changed for the better and learned that very expensive lesson. He was starting to come on as a punt returner and was even starting to make plays at his natural cornerback position. And now this. Couldn’t he make it halfway through the season? I mean really. I guess having Neon Deion as a mentor didn’t work out the way he thought it would. Oh well.

Four the next four weeks (at least) we will have to listen to sports reporters and writers give their opinions and drone on and on about another man’s livelihood. They will concentrate on another young black man who doesn’t seem to know how to function with “all that was given to him” and is therefore a menace to the holy sport of football. I buy none of it. He probably just needs new friends and a hobby that doesn’t involve alcohol. Kind of like a lot of other folks who won’t get raked over the coals because they don’t live a life most of us can only dream of. That makes me sad, because I had the Dallas Defense on my fantasy team.


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