Punch-Out is Back!

Retro! Retro! It’s all the rage in a big city near you, and as 20-year olds scramble to get their hands on vintage Starter jackets and Cazals, some true eighties kids (ie. born before 1981) like myself recently came across something that has us ready to relive our British Knights days….yes ladies, Nintendo’s “Punch Out” is coming back for the Wii system!

I suspect I stunted my nail growth by playing Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out on my Nintendo waaaay to much as a kid. Sadly, I never got the chance to actually win the game (ADD), but seeing how Wii is like my new crack and I’ve grown up a bit—it’s on….oh yes, it’s on. Sadly, I don’t see Tyson in this trailer and they haven’t given any indication as to whether they will create an ear-biting command so who knows which character it takes to win the game this time around? Hopefully not King Hippo (he’s such a pussy.) Sigh.


Source: NWS

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