San Fran is for the Working Ladies…

The oldest profession in the world may finally take one more step towards becoming legal in the United States if the people of San Francisco approve Proposition K, a measure that restricts police from investigating, arresting or prosecuting anyone who sells sex. It’s not legalizing prostitution per se’, but rather freeing San Francisco police from dedicating time, and money to arresting working girls, while allowing them to form collectives/unions and may eliminate the need for pimps, often the abuser in the cycle.
Keep in mind San Fran is also home to the Folsom Street Fair, where you may find your seemingly innocent neighbor parading in the SoMA neighborhood in leather chaps and a thong (true story!)…at 1pm, so are we intrigued? Yes. Surprised? Not so much.
Of course, the measure has its supporters and opposers, but seeing that Rhode Island and Nevada have similar laws, are we moving towards a hooker-happy America? A part of me says bring it on if women are of legal age and handling her own business and can unionize and pay taxes, leaving her without the need for a pimp, however I am concerned about the human trafficking consequences, juvenile involvement and lack of police presence this measure may have. Hmmm, thoughts peeps? – JBaker

San Francisco May Become Safe For Prostitutes

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