Sex Drive: Are You Feeling SaSi?

In July, I was hemm-ing and haw-ing over what new toys for boys I could purchase, so I hit Toys in Babeland’s online store and selected a number of vibes that might be a little more discreet than a big, bright blue, sparkly Rabbit, won’t intimidate my lover or cause me to be lost in laughter due to my embarrassment. .
Looking back at the list there was one vibe, the SaSi, that really out-shined the competition (at least on paper). The sleek little re-chargeable sucker looks more like a wireless computer mouse than a viberator and basically claims to give you a feeling similar to oral sex. But the SaSi takes it one step further with the ability to “learn and remember” what vibrations you like best—looks like your partner might be taking cues from this little gadget soon—and allows you to “program” the sensations you desire.

The SaSi had not yet been released in the US when I was checking it out. But now…ladies if you’re ready to spend $185 on a vibe, I’ve got some good news for you. The SaSi is here and retailing exclusively at your local Toys in Babeland.

But before you rush out to your local Babeland, you might wanna read some of the user comments. With all of it’s titillating features, this toy seems a little too good to be true. And while the majority of users gave the SaSi a five out of five rating, a few poor souls were sadly not impressed and out nearly $200.

One user reported, “…it over heated the first time I used it. I simply can’t get off with this toy and I’m afraid it has spent most of its time in the box.”

Jilted in Jersey said, “It was pretty great to get me really, really, REALLY aroused, but for the price it wasn’t worth it. Plus it broke on its second use.”

And a few commenters have asked “Does everyone else have a different machine?”

But still, there are enough ooh and and aah and OH! claims to combat the discontented. CG from USA even said she “grabbed every other vibrating toy [she] used to use for a little extra clitoral stimulation and threw them away.”

Candylicious from Canada gave a full SaSi 101 on how to get the best out of the toy… step # 4: Buckle your seatbelt! Once I got the right movements, vibration leve, etc, Wow! Phenomenal orgasm for a party of one. However, Candy did say that her SaSi got a little hot after 15 minutes.

It sounds like this little thing has the power to give a girl some of the best lovin’ money can buy. But can also burn her (overheating: sounds a little painful). Sigh…sometimes reading what people say about a product can leave me in a permanent state of indecision. If you’ve tried it, enlighten us. What’s the real deal on the SaSi?

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