The French Don’t Like Fat People

Kayne said “George Bush Doesn’t Like Black People”.  Well I am here to state “The French Don’t Like Fat People!” Living in France is almost surreal to me that I rarely see overweight people. If I do, nine times out of ten, they are not French. For example, I am a size 6/8 in the states but in many of the designer stores here in France I wear the second to the largest size!  Needless to say, shopping is not one of my favorite pastimes.

I have been at many dinner parties where the subject of weight comes up. French people subscribe to a plan of moderation and overall healthy eating. Their favorite saying is “Il faut faire attention à ce que vous mangez. ” Translation : You must pay attention to what you eat. What surprised me is that the subject went from dining room conversations to an actual political issue. Why you might ask? France is considering a plan to add an extra tax to products they consider fattening snacks as an effort to decrease obesity rates. Can you imagine what would happen if the States decided that they were going to put an extra tax on ice cream or potato chips to help people stop eating? In fact, many French government officials and reporters use the example of the United States as a scare tactic. On article I read entitled “Obésité: «A ce rythme là, la France rattrapera les Etats-Unis en 2020” details how France will catch of to America’s  30% obesity rate by 2020.

To French people, Americans are the poster children for obesity. I am not overweight, but compared to French standards I could probably stand to lose a couple of kilos/5 pounds. But the funny and beautiful thing about it is that I don’t want to. Yes I agree that Americans should pay more attention to what they eat because it helps you live longer. But I am not sure that I want my government dictating with taxes what foods I can afford to eat. The thought actually kills my appetite.

-French Kissed

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