Why Be A Princess When You Can Be A Goddess?

Somedays I wish I was a princess who didn’t have to work and could just eat Tofutti cuties all day and watch really bad Lifetime movies and never get fat, but then I snap out of it and get back on my grind. So after reading about 3 year-old Matani Shakya and her how her being appointed a LIVING GODDESS in Nepal only involved decapitated goat heads I realized that I was totally born in the wrong country. Matani will live in a shrine and be worshiped like a deity. Too bad she goes back to normal when her period starts. Imagine what that conversation is like: “Hey Matani, where have you been lately?“…”Oh didn’t you hear? I was a goddess and then one day I came on my period and instead of a tampon they demoted me and all I got was this sari.” Aunt Flo can be such a bitch!
Nepal Appoints 3-Year-Old Girl as New Living Goddess
[ AP ]

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