5 Reasons Why I’m Glad McCain Didn’t Win

Ok, seriously. I’m a woman’s woman…a funky feminist if you will, and I NEVER supported his decision to have Palin as his running mate, and now that the election is over it seems that he really didn’t either! Newsweek has released a virtual booty of behind-the-scenes information from both campaigns that was collected during the election, but promised not to be made available until after the election. Besides from Obama questioning his team’s resistance to Hillary Clinton as his VP, and security threats to both sides, the most alarming thing to me was the overall stupidity that was Sarah Palin…like not knowing that Africa was a continent. Pause. Wait—there’s more+video!.

5. It seems like Sarah spent way more than $150,000 on her Saks and Neiman’s sprees. One of her aides described it as “Wasilla hillbillies looting Neiman Marcus from coast to coast”—the truth behind this will surface after campaign audits are completed.

4. Palin launched her “Ayers Attack” on Obama before she received the greenlight from the campaign…who apparently were resisting.

3. McCain never really spoke to her himself during the campaign and was kept in the dark about her spending…she was also shut down when asked if she could speak election night.

2. She didn’t know which countries comprised NAFTA. That’s easy considering that there are only three and it is probably one of the hottest issues facing this country and will be for the next 20 years. I’ll give you a hint Sarah, the countries in question are above, and below us.

1. Ummmm, homegirl questioned the geography of Africa and whether South Africa was “was just part of the country, or a country in a continent”. I too, am confused. And the sad thing is watching Fox News basically put it out there and O’Reilly trying to defend her:

See it all for yourself : Secrets of the 2008 Campaign [Newsweek]

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