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A Very Expensive Phone Call

Recently, the presenter of the MTV Video Awards, Russell Brand, managed to get himself suspended from the BBC, and then resigned. Because of a prank-call gone wrong. He and popular UK chat show host Jonathon Ross called up 78-year-old British actor Andrew Sachs (of Fawlty Towers fame, I dunno if you had that show in the US) and left four obscene messages on his answerphone.
Ross shouted down the phone that Brand had f****d the actor’s grand-daughter.

Brand: “No, I’m sorry, I’ll do anything. I wore a condom!”
Ross: “She was bent over the couch….”
Then more messages attempting to apologise.
Ross: “Masturbate him (Sachs) to say sorry. Make him feel better.”
Brand: “Andrew Sachs, this will make up for it. Go on finish it, into the palm of my hand. Good girl for uncle Daddy, good girl for uncle daddy.”

27,000 people complained to the BBC about the stunt. This whole thing was pre-recorded and then went on air on October 18th. A newspaper caught on to the story and then the shit hit the fan on Monday morning, when all the other newspapers, and TV news stations, and magazines ran the story. Both were forced to apologise. The thing is if the prank was funny I’d be standing up for the pair… but I’ve never really been a fan of Russell Brand, he always looks like he could do with a good wash. But on the other side of all this is the grand-daughter, 23 year-old Georgina Baillie-a member of burlesque dance troupe Satanic Sluts Extreme. She’s says she’s “horrified and disgusted” by the whole thing. So horrified in fact that she sold “her side of the story” to a national newspaper for about $100,000. Not a bad little earner in return for a quick shag with Russell Brand.

Georgina Baillie & Andrew Sachs

—Miss London

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