Afternoon Tea 11.05.08

Here’s what else was happening in the World and America watched history in making…

MMMathias is back with a remix of Bloc Party’s “Signs.” It makes me wanna dance. {PMA}

Russia’s decided to deploy missile near Poland in response to the United States’ missile defense plans. {G&M}

A wedding party in Afghanistan was bombed yesterday during an air strike, leaving as many as 38 people dead, including civilians. {BBC}

And McQueen’s designing for Target. {Fashionista}

Welcome to the first Afternoon Tea in which the people of the United States of America have voted for the first black president and by far the hottest president the country has ever seen!  I have a new found faith in the future of my generation.  Check out this election video from the Guardian when journalist Gary Younge watches the action in South Side Chicago.

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