Afternoon Tea 11.06.08

Reunited and it feels so uncomfortable… Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake are set to join Madonna on stage tonight for one of her Sticky and Sweet stops in LA.  We all want it to be scandalous, but you know it won’t be.  {MTV}

South Park pushed the envelope again when they made fun of President Obama’s dead grandmother, suggesting that she faked her death. {EWise}

Haha!  Apparently the Republican Party is facing an “identity crisis.” They’re worried that all the young voters and Latino voters are gonna stick with the democratic party for years to come.  {CNN}

Spain denied Osama Bin Laden’s son Omar’s request for asylum on grounds that “it does not believe he is being persecuted.” It’s all that “sins of my father” stuff.  {G&M}

South Africa’s not taking Zimbabwe’s power-sharing drama anymore.  A cabinet spokesman said SA’s taking a “hard stance” to ensure the leaders come to an agreement. {G&M}

—Bobbi is getting the run around!  Happy Thursday ladies.

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