Afternoon Tea: 11.10.08

Wait. Thriller, the MUSICAL? First Jimmy, then Fela now MJ? We are so there. {Woohah}

The only downside to America embracing a healthier lifestyle? They are trying to get rid of school bake sales…Noooooo! {NYTImes}

Just in case climate change totally fucks te Maldives, the new Prime Minister is purchasing a new homeland for the country…it’s like insurance, but with a beach! {Guardian}

Over 3 million e-mails in the Obama campaign database. Now that he has won, what will happen to these names?  Expect more from the President elect as he becomes our 44th President in the months to come.  This database is slated to serve as a new tool to reach his soon-to-be constituents. {Ad Age}

Tired of Facebook and Myspace?  Try Mixi, Faceparty or Cyworld–social networking sites from around the globe.  {Complex}

Celina Atunes, Melody Hobson, Romi Haan, Phuti Malabie…  Do you know any of these women?  Perhaps you should. They have been selected by the Wall Street Journal as part of the 50 Women to Watch.  {Wall Street Journal}

—J Bakes and Mahogs are on Fiyahh!!

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