Afternoon Tea 11.11.08

Lilo called President Obama “colored” during an Access Hollywood interview.  Uhmmm ya she did! We try to forget that she’s from Long Island, but sometimes she makes it so hard on us. {Jezebel}
The bad financial times are happening in the UK.  Virgin Media is getting set to sack 2,200 employees.  With all the “laying off” that’s going on we should be throwing pink slip parties. {Guardian}
The UN accused the Congolese government army of looting and excessive human rights violations against civilians.  But rebel leader Laurent Nkunda says he’s not havin’ it. {al jazeera}
Have you heard of a bailarina? In mainly spanish speaking parts of New York, they get paid to dance with dudes and hang out with them for a couple hours.  It’s sort of like being an escort without the creepyness.  I want to be one! {NYMag}

—Now that winter’s sorta decided that it’s gonna stay for a little while, I’m gonna be a screw-up for a couple months.  Is that OK ladies?  Hope so! Love you!

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