Afternoon Tea 11.12.08

A Fox News interview with Sarah Palin addressed at length the whole $150K price tag on the clothes that she and her family received near the end of the campaign.  Apparently, it was not her idea.  {NYMag}

A reflective President Bush admitted to saying some things the he “shouldn’t have said” during his Presidency.  He said he realized that speaking in front of a “Mission Accomplished” banner just one month after soldiers had been deployed in Iraq was probably not the brightest idea. {CNN}

After years of bloodshed, Sudan’s president Omar Hassan al-Bashir has declared a ceasefire in Darfur.  However, the rebels have not yet agreed to put down their weapons.{BBC}

Iraqi officials reopened a bridge that links Sunni and Shia neighborhoods yesterday after a stampede 2005 caused them to close it for over three years.  {G&M}

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