Afternoon Tea 11.13.08

Another cool older dude passed on—we should seriously make a collage of all the awesome people who left us in ’08.  62-year-old Mitch Mitchell, the drummer for the Jimi Hendreix Experience, was found dead in a Portland, Ore. hotel room.  I’m not sure if this is irreverent, but he was kinda cute. Check out this video of him rocking out on the BBC. {Spinner}

Meanwhile Lil’ Wayne got lost and showed up at the Country Music Association Awards in Nashville last night.  He stood on stage and held a guitar.  It was wierd. {NYMag}

Poor Prince Charles.  He’s 60 now and still hasn’t had his hand at being the King of England.  Makes me think of Disney’s version of Robin Hood—”Oh mummy!  I’ve got a dirty thumb”.  Peep my fave clip here. {G&M}

Meet Colby Buzzell, a recent U.S. Army machine gunner, now veteran and freelance writer, who got his start blogging about his combat experiences in Iraq.  It’s kind of fascinating. {CNN}

Bobbi Rants—You know I love to hate Lindsay Lohan sometimes, but why does every article about her have to be prefaced with the fact that she’s got a girlfriend?  She’s into vadge right now.  Get over it! Happy Thursday! 😀

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