Afternoon Tea 11.14.08

I want this burger ring.  The best part is that you can “have it your way” No tomatoes, no problem. {Missbehave}

Dancehall’s golden boy, Busy Signal’s got a new single out called “Trading Places”.  It’s all about switching it up, “uptown people living in the ghetto.” {Yadflex}

Cali’s was burnin’ up last night.  A wildfire swept through Motecito, a town near Santa Barbara, nd ruined over 100 houses. {NYtimes}

Now that Amy Poehler’s a new mommy, Saturday Night Live had to snag some new talent.  Welcome Abby Elliot (Upright citizens Brigade) and Michael Watkins(Groundlings).  Gonna miss you Aim. {CNN}

—Speaking of UCB, I am going there tomorrow night to watch the 30 Rock crew’s hilarity in an improv show.  Have a great weekend ladies!  Will miss you… sigh.

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