Afternoon Tea 11.19.08

The Somali pirates took a major hit today when an Indian war ship left their mother ship in flames.  Remember the board game Battle Ship.  That’s sort of how I like to think of this. {CNN}

Shawn from Boyz II Men made a guys version to Beyonce’s “If I Were a Boy”.  It’s called “If You Were a Boy” and  It’s pretty insightful.  I think every girl should take a listen. {AJ}

If you’re finding it hard to kick the white pony, here’s another good reason to help you get off that stuff.  Reports say that 4 square metres (12 square feet) of rainforest is taken out for every gram of cocaine snorted in the UK (I’m sure that goes for other territories too).  Unfortunately, Parlour won’t be there the next time you’re at a crazy loft party and “just want a bump.” Stay strong for the environment. {Guardian}

The UN says Congo’s rebel troops, led by General Laurent Nkunda,  have begun to withdraw from the towns that they’ve been occupying.  However, people are still fleeing to nearby Uganda in droves. {Al Jazeera}

—And on that note… Have a beautiful hump day ladies. Bobbi loves you.

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