Afternoon Tea

OK, so I was down with the Somali pirates before, because they wanted to keep poachers from fishing in their waters and all that. But back on land the story is that they’re “pimpin all over the country” in their “fancy cars, the women and the caviar grandiose homes. I knew their Robin Hood act was too good to be true. {G&M}

A 6.2 quake struck Panama and Costa Rica today. So far no casualties have been reported. But folks said they “felt as if the earth were swallowing them.” My Grandma would tell me that the end of times is near. {CNN}

And in Bangkok an explosion went of in an area where people had gathered for an anti-government protest. So far, one person has been confirmed dead and nearly 30 wounded. {BBC}

And just to round out the bad news Thursday James Murphy’s putting his band LCD Soundsystem to rest… Buh-bye! {XLR8R}

—Does anybody have the leak to Animal Collective’s Merriweather Post Pavilion. If I have to wait until January 20, I think I’ll chew my arm off. Smile tomorrow’s Friday.

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