Good As Gold—The Jawbone Bluetooth Headset

Currently, other than being one of the fabulous editivas of Parlour, I am working on a major project that is touring the country right now which recently caused me to experience a bit of a technical revelation: 1. talking on a Blackberry without a headset for more than 20 minutes while trying to multi-task is the most annoying thing ever and 2. Blackberrys, tour buses, and big purses don’t mix.

So after resisting for about two weeks, I decided to cop a bluetooth headset but the only problem was that all of them were butt-ugly and made me look like a member of The Borg. I tried a few but they either hurt my ears or kept falling out, so when this baby from Jawbone (shown above) landed on my lap I was intrigued to say the least.

The verdict after a few days? I’m in love. It’s pretty easy to setup and simple to use, and the Noise Assassin feature is kinda great when you are in a crowded space and it goes GREAT with my skin-tone, so I can wear it while working and not feel like a total nerd. With a price point of $130 it’s not cheap, but totally worth it if you want total style, plus substance. -Bakes


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