Happy Birthday Steely!

Hey Guys, did you know that today is Parlour Editor and Co-Founder, Steely D’s birthday?

In honor of her day, I am going to take a minute to share with you Parlouristas (and Parlouristos too) some reasons why I think Steels is kinda great.

First, I love her stankin ass…especially her penchant for posting Morning Coffee at 4am (dude, NO ONE IS UP!) and being my Crown Royal drinking buddy. Did you know that she does an EXCELLENT ‘Take You Down” a la’ Chris Brown impersonation, and a very impressive Marc Jacobs collection, to the degree that people think she works there?  She also can’t stand when I’m late with posts and will stalk the hell out of you, but she does it for you guys and not because we are a bunch of lazy divas. Steely also can sing, but she would never let you know that and has she has a very weird love for post-it notes.

What I love about Steels most of all is her uncanny ability to royally get on my nerves and in the same breath offer me the kindest words of sisterhood, encouragement and positivity. Cheers to you babe! I’d give you this Cavalli bracelet but I’m kinda broke right now, so let’s just settle for dinner later and a Black President.

With Love,

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