Happy Thanksgiving! And…

We like turkey ’round these parts and in celebration of the luscious fried bird, (we know Miss London is laughing at us…) we’re taking a little time off. But not before we wish JBakes a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You see, Parlour was just a dream earlier this year and we can hardly believe that you ladies even like it as much as you do. But, we’re grateful (sooooooo grateful) that you surprise us with comments and clicks everyday. And you can thank JBakes for her wonderful writing and designing skills. Hell, I don’t know how to make the site pretty, but thank God she does. =0) So join with Mahogs and I in wishing JBakes a fabulous birthday with many drinks and an undisclosed number of candles (because mother said a lady never admits her age)…To Health, Wealth, Good Sex (I see you explainer) and a beautiful pair of heels that put to shame anyone else who dares walk beside them.


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