The whisperings that MAC Cosmetics would be launching a limited edition Hello Kitty line in the spring were finally confirmed this week. Yep, come February, a very grown-up version of Hello Kitty (think: black cat, the dark side, and tight leather), will take up residency on MAC-formulated fuchsia and violet lipsticks, in blue and orange eyeshadow pots, on makeup brushes, and train cases…etc.

Hello Kitty will be plastered on the work tee’s of heavily-made up MAC in-store artists. And, she’ll even be embossed on a $70 Swarovski Crystal compact — the ultimate collector’s item.

The focus of the Hello Kitty collection is on the eyes — wide and bright, says Gordon Espinet, MAC’s global director of Makeup Artistry.  “Because Kitty has no mouth and speaks with her eyes”…duh.

We’ve never been huge Hello Kitty fans, but just like MAC’s Barbie collection and Fafi collection of season’s past, we’re intrigued. You are too, aren’t you?

—Ayren and Anabel

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