Why Thanksgiving Makes Me Wanna Holla!

Most of my friends would describe me as generous….but I’m feeling a little like a Scrooge today. It all started this week after I decided to throw a Thanksgiving dinner party for all my American friends here in Paris. With shopping list in hand demanding turkey, cornbread and cranberry sauce, I headed to the grocery store. Since these are “American” items, they are not carried in the French “supermarchés.” I made a special trip to two stores I heard carried American brands. As I was shopping with thoughts of sweet potato pie in my head, I began to feel like I was getting ganked…gaffeled…hustled. Everything was expensive, bordering on extortion with 600% markups on some items (See item No. 2 below). Since I have 12 people expecting dinner Thursday there is nothing I can do but vent to you. So here goes:

The five reasons why cooking Thanksgiving dinner in Paris “Makes Me Want To Holla!”:

1. While the French don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, they don’t mind profiting from it. One Parisian store is called “Thanksgiving.” There you will find $6 cream cheese and a Yam for 5 Euros! The kicker was the people working in the store only spoke a little English!

2. Jiffy Cornbread is like an old family friend. Unfortunately here in Paris it’s like the friend who went away to college and came back a little snooty! One box of Jiffy mix is $6. Isn’t it like 50 cents at American grocery stores?

3. I asked my local “boucherie” (butcher) if I could order a whole Turkey, he frowned and exclaimed “Non. C’est American” Translation: No! That’s American…my reply: “Well yes and so am I!”

4. When I finally found a turkey at the Thanksgiving store, they were selling turkeys for the low low price of 70 Euros! You do the math, that’s $87 give or take. I could be having a filet at the Brooklyn steakhouse, Peter Luger- who needs Thanksgiving!

5. Everything is small in France, including the ovens. Luckily, I found out beforehand that they only fit small turkeys. I could have been like a friend last year who bought a turkey only to find out when she go home that it didn’t fit! At 70 Euros, I would have gone Postal!

All of this and I haven’t cooked dinner yet. If all else fails at least I have a great business idea for next year…importing American food to France!

-French Kissed

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