For many many years, I loved Brett Favre. I routinely referred to him as my boyfriend (no we have never met LOL), and rooted for him regularly as a member of the Green Bay Packers. Brett was my dude! He always seemed to step up when it counted most, and he had that “I’m doing me right now” swagger that teenage girls (I told you I’ve been following him for many years) just adore. Not to mention, he played the game the way we all remember playing Pop Werner. With unbridled joy and enthusiasm. It is infectious, and I was drinking the Kool Aid early. This guy in New York? How could you go wrong?

So like any other fan who’s favorite player comes to her team; I went out and bought all new t-shirts, and sweatshirts, and all manner of not so awful NFL for Women gear to show my support. I changed my Facebook status. I was infected by the shiny happy football bug.

The thing is, over the first few games, I lost that loving feeling. So after they barely got by Kansas City, it was time to break up with him.

Not because I didn’t think he was still great, I just needed him to be great all the time. A major impossibility in the real world. There was too much going on with him being in my town, on my team. It was just too much.

Those of you who have been in a long distance relationship that went south probably know the feeling. Everything is great at first, you call all the time, you talk every day, and its a beautiful thing.

Then he moves in with you. He’s there all the time. You see all his flaws up close and personal and you realize that not only do you know nothing about this dude, but when you start finding out what his story is, you really REALLY want to kick his happy ass to the curb.

This is what has happened with Brett Favre. When he moved to my town and became the QB of my team I started noticing some things. Bad things. He didn’t look nearly as elusive and ballsy in the Meadowlands as he looked playing for Green Bay. He was throwing alot of picks. Not so many touchdowns. Making bad decisions. Outside of that game against the Cardinals, it looked like he scrambling and reaching for something that wasn’t there. He said he didn’t really know the playbook. All bad.

To be fair, they did beat the Dolphins, which is a great way to endear yourself to Jet fans early. Then, after the first game against New England, it was like I walked into the bathroom at 3am and sat IN the toilet, because the seat had been left up AGAIN. He looked old. Like the guy Green Bay had predicted was going to show up to camp. The one they felt it was better to pay to stay home than to go forward with. I was upset about it, but its like what can you do? It was still early right? I tried to stick it out.Then they lost to OAKLAND. They could barely beat Kansas City. I mean I know on an intellectual level that all of the blame can’t be placed on the QB, but the games should not have even been close enough to be decided on a kick (Oakland) or to need “last minute heroics” (KC).

Brett was my favorite QB, and had been for the past 11 years. Finding another one is going to be a ridiculous hassle. I mean really, who would I root for? Pey Pey? Big Ben? Some other random? Hell, Favre is local. I just couldn’t do it anymore though. When I found myself comparing him (unfavorably I might add) to Chad Pennington, I knew it was time to end it. So I set my mind to it, and I broke up with him.

Since then, including that squeak out against KC, the Jets have reeled off five straight wins. They beat the Patriots in New England to take sole possession of first place. They beat Tennessee, this season’s last undefeated team, in their house, like they stole something. These have been the greatest few football Sundays I can remember since the 80s when Joe Montana was my boyfriend.

Had I known all of this was going to happen, I would have broken up with him much sooner. They have looked great lately, like its all coming together on the field, and I couldn’t be happier. They have been getting better and better each week, and I’m seeing the Brett Favre that made me a believer in the 1997 NFC Championship game against Carolina. Of course, I will always be a huge fan. I think he’s a first ballot Hall of Fame guy. He’s a great player, and lets face it, in NYC right now? He is truly “that dude”. He just can’t be my dude anymore. Obviously, we’re better off as friends.


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