Keep That Unemployment a Bit Longer…

Lame duck US President Bush signed a bill today (Nov. 21) that extends unemployment benefits for those who’ve lost their jobs this year. Like Kenrya highlighted earlier this week with her mention of Spam’s sales increase…it’s not a game out here. Times are rough and if the US government allows the auto industry fail, it may just bottom out the economy completely. Remember ladies, things are rough, but have yet to hit rock bottom.

“With more Americans filing jobless claims than at any time since the 1992, the Senate’s passage of the House’s unemployment insurance extension legislation will help speed relief to more than 2 million workers who continue to search for new jobs in these difficult economic times,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

Democratic leaders said they were ready to come back into session on Dec. 8, but only if the Big Three automakers first come up with a roadmap showing how federal aid will put them on the path to future economic viability.

At stake are millions of jobs in the auto and related industries that could go under if one or more of the major automakers goes bankrupt.”

Bush Signs Jobless Benefits Extension

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