Kenrya Just Voted, Too!

Call me a nerd, but last night felt like Christmas Eve; it took me forever to fall asleep, and after I got up to pee, it was a wrap. I tossed and turned, until I couldn’t take it any more and dragged myself up to run across the street for what I thought would be an in-and-out vote. Boy was I wrong.
In all the time I’ve been living in Harlem, I have never had more than three people in front of me in line to vote. But today, I am proud to say that I waited on line for two hours and 13 minutes to pull the lever! Sounds awful, but it was actually fun times. I got to meet a ton of my neighbors and have real convos with them. I’m super excited!
Did you have a good experience? Did you see (and report) some bull? Let us know; you might influence someone to vote who might not otherwise, or impart some much needed info.

*Note that I voted for Barack as a Working Families candidate; supporting third parties in this way is one of the things we can do (without risking our vote) to help revise our broken two-party system.


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