Le Rêve Français

Tuesday was the first day since I have arrived in Paris that I wanted with all my heart and might to be back in the states. I wanted to feel the energy that I knew would be there as we Americans went out to vote and elect Barack Obama. But alas, I was here in France so I did the next best thing. I called two American friends for got a list of Election parties. Yes they had American election parties here. I am not talking about the small one’s at friends house. I am talking about the big ones on Champs Elyse, one of Paris’ main streets, and throughout the city. There were so many we decided to hit up two or three.

We went first to our favorite neighborhood restaurant, Chateau Briand. We walked in and immediately the servers and bartenders were all sending us Obama well wishes. One was even wearing the “My Momma loves Obama” button. We sat down at a table next to a white American gay couple. As we drank our wine and shared our stories of what a Barack Obama Presidency would mean to us. It was moving—and we felt a kinship.

Next we went to a party thrown by Movement Democratic, led by Francois Bayrou, who has been a public Obama supporter since the beginning. There were over 300 French people there. The party was scheduled to last until 6am. It was humbling to see this room of French people so closely watching my country’s election.  I couldn’t imagine that there was an American viewing party when the last French president was elected. In that moment I realized that the world is watching us. I have subsequently read stories on the international response to Obama’s win and witnessing this phenomenon myself made me humble and awestruck at the same time. Despite what you may have heard, there is a lot of love and admiration for our country abroad.  I have received well wishers from strangers on the street to people I work with.  I was proud that America showed up as its best self on November 4th and brought hope to the entire world.

-French Kissed

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