Live Blog: ELECTION 2008

**jesse jackson in tears. Started at 8:35 PM**
JBaker: Mmm Chello m’dear

Kenrya: hola!

Steels: YO! I’m at a bar with CNN on a HUGE flatscreen.

JBaker: I’m watching MSNBC and the graphics are giving me a headache and a visual political seizure

Kenrya: lmfao. goes well with the style, think Keith Olbermann

JBaker: Yeah, Keith and Rachel a bit too excited to be “objective media”

Kenrya: OMG, did you see the Ben Afleck impersonation on SNL? I’m not a huge fan of Afleck, but that ish was hilarious

Kenrya: okay, I love CNN, in part for their relative restraint, but they def just called Pennsylvania for our boy with less than 1% of the vote in. Just a teeny, tiny bit premature. Hell, just turned to the dreaded Fox News and they are making projections like crazy. They are giving Obama Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, New Jersey, Delaware and New Hampshire. Giving the old man Oklahoma, TN & Arkansas.

JBaker: JERSEY!!! That’s a given, I’ve seen early results in Obama’s favor for Florida

Kenrya: Fox projecting West Virginia for McCain. No surprise there

JBaker: I’m interested in Virginia, I really want him to pull ahead. I think this is what its like for guys during the playoffs

Steels: There’s this CNN Repulican pundit- looks like al sharpton in white face…crazy

JBaker: I didn’t get a voting sticker today, I feel robbed

Kenrya: I got a hug from the older woman behind me, so that was fabulous enough. I love Harlem.

Steels: Popular vote: 49% mccain, 50% barack, Miss London says anderson is wearing soooo much make up, thats what retouching is for…lol

Kenrya: They look soooo sad on Fox News. I love it!

JBaker: Did you see McCain address his reporters today on the plane? He looked worn-over. Like someone on their way to an election that they may lose

Kenrya: No. Really! love it. lol. The fact that he was still campaigning was a joke.

JBaker: Right?

Steely D: Electoral: 209 obama, 89 mccain- ever closer to 270

Kenrya: did you see Palin cast her vote earlier? she told the reporter she was exercising her right to privacy and wouldn’t tell him who she voted for. That’s cause that B wrote herself in!

JBaker: LOL! And she put ‘2012 Bitches’ behind it.

Kenrya: Fox just gave Obama New Mexico and Wisconsin. NM was a Bush state! minnesota too- this is all happening hella fast, michigan and rhode island. they just called OHIO for Obama on FOX NEWS! It’s a wrap. wait, they just took that ish back!

JBaker: This shit is REALLY happening!!! That must have happened during my 30 second “Real Housewives of ATL” break. Its a damm shame McCain is too close to call in ARIZONA. Sidenote: Doesn’t McCain look like Dracula in the Bram Stoker version?

Kenrya: LMFAO. Yeah, if his face looked like cottage cheese. Ooooo. Too mean.

Steels: Soledad says 80% of latino voters disapprove of bush…”That’s a boulder in the way of mccain” says another presenter.

JBaker: Oh shit! Obama just may take NC!!!!!! Yo, if he gets Ohio and NC I am getting a drink!

Kenrya: I’m taking a shot of absinthe, real talk. I’m just waiting to break it out; I’ll be too drunk to type if I go too soon.

JBaker: CNN is behind!

Steels: whatever, cnn has the coolest screen ever! its like an iphone but bigger. my boy thinks its a prototype for microsoft surface?

Kenrya: They talk a LOT. On cnn, Bill Bennet basically just said we can’t use race as a crutch if obama wins, esp in terms of education. But Gergin is telling cats to calm down. I love him.

JBaker: I’m on CNN now. They are talking about the racial impact of Obama winning.

Kenrya: i think that while this is a great moment, Obama is still the exception to the rule. His transcendence is not the transcendence of the entire race. Yes, he pulled himself up to do great things, but that doesn’t mean mofos won’t still be clutching their purses in elevators and telling us natural hair is a “don’t.”

JBaker: I agree, i dont agree that this has necessarily moved race relations

Kenrya: just got a majority in the Senate, according to CNN! Now we need a super-majority in the Senate: 60 seats.

JBaker: OHIO!

Kenrya: Okay, it really is a wrap now.

JBaker: kinda. but I want NC and FL, and then NM to rub that shit in

Kenrya: CNN has Obama at 194, MSNBC at 195, Fox at 200! Crazy that they have him ahead of everyone else. Fox just gave Obama Ohio, McCain Lousiana. wow. so even with the huge gaps in electoral votes (194 to 69, if you wanna believe the talky CNN folks), the popular vote is hella close. 50/49, BO.

Kenrya: Okay, so Dana Bash is sooooo funny looking. I can’t take it.

JBaker: LOL. she looks like a muppet

Kenrya: lmfao!

JBaker: the McCain headquarters looks BORING

Kenrya: man. she said they don’t even have the projections on the screen. they know the deal.

Steels: texas is for mccain w/ 34 electoral votes. CNN rep reporter says it’s “Exceedly grim” at his headquarters and two senior mccain aides see “no path to victory”…

JBaker: exactly. im just waiting for Florida. Cali is going to kill it

Kenrya: no need to even wait for it.

JBaker: ok *cuban rum shot break* ahhhhh. nice smuggled goodness. i turned down some booty for this liveblog. so worth it

Kenrya: fox news is just sad. thought it was gonna rile me up, but i got nothing. i think that’s their word of the night.

JBaker: SAD. i wonder if their reporting is going to change. On another note, every black person will be late to work tomorrow and give the “negro please” look if someone gives them shade. i just may curse someone out on a conference call tomorrow, and end with “Obama Bitch”

Kenrya: yes, ma’am. you get a free pass!

Steels: CNN’s David geregen- his comb over is classic,  207 o-135 mcc electoral votes. WAIT! Al franken is at 54% in Minn for senate & he might win! Think tina fey’ll run for nyc? Suceed hills?

Kenrya: On msnbc now. wow, Chicago really is poppin.

JBaker: it looks like a concert. CUTE LITTLE BLACK GIRL!!

Kenrya: *tears*

JBaker: awwww, i feel them, but holding back.

Kenrya: she said: “it’s time for a real united, united states.” I love it.

JBaker: i can’t wait for Sasha and Malia, i want to babysit them

Kenrya: I KNOW! Man, this is really becoming real.

JBaker: Olbermann is looking how I feel: reserved with a subltle giddiness and paranoia.

Kenrya: It’s crazy, I’ve been completely confident about this the whole time. But somewhere around my fifth hour of phonebanking, early numbers started to come in and I felt my first little twinge of anxiety. I’m so glad I beat it right back.

JBaker: girl, where is Donna? i miss her murmer. she know she can mumble some words

Kenrya: mmhhmm, mmrrmm. lol. yet i still miss her steadying presence!

JBaker: you be like “huh? OH I get it”

Kenrya: cnn: 206 to 89… 200/124 msnbc

JBaker: i hope that Obama takes it nice and slow

Kenrya: yeah, but we have to let him do that, we have to work with him, he is walking into such a shitstorm. folks’ expectations are gonna be so high, and we have to realize that it took us 20+ years to get here, it’s gonna take a while to dig us out.

JBaker: there are some folks who are going to expect money to start falling from the sky tomorrow

Kenrya: exactly. one of my lovely neighbors had a great analogy: he’s got a lot of house cleaning to do, and we have no idea what’s been swept under the rug. but if anyone can handle it, I believe he can.

JBaker: he is going to need the courage to find the skeletons

Kenrya: msnbc: 207/135.

JBaker: ooooh, I wonder how Prop 8 is doing in Cali?

Kenrya: oh, and prop k in san fran.

JBaker: i think everyone should have the right to a divorce

Kenrya: right! it’s none of my business what you want to do.

JBaker: exactly. Prop K…if is passes, i think that prostitutes should unionize. could you image what kind of prop they would bring to a strike?

Kenrya: lol, to prostitutes on the picket line. it’s interesting, cause true republicans are totally anti-government intruding in your personal (or business) life, but they are all over this gay marriage stuff. It’s just proof that the religious right has turned that party into a whole ‘nother animal. they need to split into their own party, and I’m hoping this election pushes them there.

JBaker: seems to be “pick and choose” with the republicans

Kenrya: it all comes down to fear. anything that “threatens their way of life” is scary. Hell, even if it’s NOT their way of life, look at this Samuel “Joe the Plumber” Wurl (blah, blah, blah) drama.

JBaker: it would be interesting if the evangelical right and hard core republicans were the true driver for third-party voting

Kenrya: oooo, msnbc rumor: oprah is out at the park. cnn: texas for mccain.

JBaker: Yawn. if she grows her hair natural after this I am going to DIE

Kenrya: lol, as a confirmation that she can be natural now. she’ll have white women everywhere rocking dreads

Kenrya: we’re at 54/36 in the senate right now. just 6 more.

JBaker: girl. it is about to be on. we have it

Kenrya: seriously, i think we’re gonna get some things done that seemed impossible. i think andrian fenty (the mayor of DC) will be able to get statehood with Obama and a Dem Congress. that would do amazing things for the map.

JBaker: 9 months from now, there will be about 15,000 boys named Obama
or Barack.

Kenrya: lol. right. like the flood of diamonds (Players Club) and beyoncés.

JBaker: lmao

Kenrya: hubby just said that his name will now be associated with everything good, ie: especially good head= obama. can’t stand it!

JBaker: LOL. your hubby is a fool

Kenrya: WTF, why is Will.I.Am a hologram in the CNN studio? They are doing too much.

Steels: I want one. Its star trek-y

Kenrya: Virginia for Obama at 10:58 pm!

Kenrya: CNN just called it at 11:01.

Steels: Roland martin is crying…that’s right! Keep it real Roland!!! I’m crying too! They gon’ have to change the black national anthem to “we shall overcome” to “we did.” Jesse Jackson in tears, Oprah’s in tears, and Vogue‘s Andre Leon Talley is roaming around out there too… Soledad says that 68% of new voters voted for Barack, and that minorities make up majority of country now. wow.

Steels: Ladies and gentlemen, lightskin black men are back in style.

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