Morning Coffee 11.06.80

WATCH OUT FOR THE VELOCIRAPTORS!!! Jurassic Park Author Michael Crichton died, he was only 66. Life is short ladies, live it well. [EW]
US President Elect (I LOVE saying that…) Obama’s already busy picking his cabinet, beginning with Illinois Rep. Rahm Emanuel as White House cheif of staff. [AP]
Here’s The Onion‘s sarcastic take on Obama’s win. This paper cracks me up. [O]
While US civilians were celebrating, the US government were busy shooting up an Afghan wedding. 40 civilians were dead and 28 more were wounded by the airstrike which took out a wedding. Casualties included women and children. SMH. [NYT]

So remember when I told you about Mexico’s WILD VIOLENCE epidemic and how the government was trying to combat the country’s well-organized drug rings? Well, a plane carrying the government’s leaders in Mexico’s war on drugs crashed and killed all on board. Officials are saying this may be a crushing blow to ending the violence. [VOA]

**Oh, and I inadvertedly marked morning coffee as my actual birthdate. Innnnnteresting.** happy birthday to me…my president is black, my lambo’s blue… =0)

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