Morning Coffee 11.11.08

Pres-Elect Obama met with lame duck US Pres Bush and talked about the economy and then leaked information to AP News that the Obama administration will shut down Guantanamo Bay. Interesting… [AP]
Would you believe your girlfriend if she told you that she was heterosexual but was in love with a woman- and it wasn’t a Seinfeld-esque female “man crush?” Lindsay Lohan thinks that you would… [BH]
Palin in 2012…Please God no. [BBC]
YES! Katy Perry announced a national US tour. Awesome. [NME]
So tired…but amongst family and California dreaming in a rented Chevy HH2. Have you ever driven this car? I’m not a big fan BUT it’s nice to be behind the wheel of a car again. =0) Oh yeah, and I kinda miss my panda though.

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