Morning Coffee 11.13.08

Studies show that in the UK couples in their 30s and 40sare less likely to use condoms…so the numbers of infected folks with STI’s are increasing. Have safe sex ladies and make sure you ask your significant other for their test results- on paper. [BBC]

The View‘s Elisabeth Hasselbeck acts a donkey yet again. I love to hate this girl. [Jeze]

They’re killing my Somalian pirates ya’ll…smh. I mean, they steal but they’re so entertaining! [G]

WOW. In Columbia, people have taken to the streets to riot after many were taken in a pyramid scheme. The culprits left a note on their office door saying: “Now for being stupid and believing in witchcraft you will have to work much harder to recoup the money you gave us.” I am not joking… [BBC]

It’s almost Friday ladies…and it’s going to be 95 degrees in LA this weekend. I’m so excited.

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