Morning Coffee: 11.17.08

My mom always said that you can’t change a man, which is true. But can you make a man give up his blackberry? What if he’s the President? {NYTimes}

Speaking of our President-Elect, did you see his remix on the weekly Presidential address? YouTube baby! He needs better lighting though. {YT}

One of my fave actresses, Kristin Scott Thomas, was profiled recently and asked about her defining roles. Betcha she didn’t talk about this one. {WashPo}

Hey Japan! Welcome to our recession party! {IHT}

LATimes columnist Steve Lopez ponders the California wildfires and why folks keep moving back to the places where fires start. I’ve always had me ‘wtf’s’ about that, but not quite as eloquent. {LAT}

JBaker is in full attack mode this week.

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