Morning Coffee 11.18.08

When you think of necessity, does food etc. come to mind? Not on NYC’s 5th Avenue. “I got some glasses. They were cheap, I bought the $200 ones instead of the $400 ones…” [NYMag]

I’m sorry but this is funny. My fave non-rapping rapper, Jim Jones, debuted an off-Broadway play about his life last week. I didn’t go, but Gina Montana says that it wasn’t so bad. One point for Team Dipset. [XXL]

Venezuela’s President Hugo Chavez is taking a page from the 50 Cent-Young Buck book and airing private phone calls of his opponents for the public. [G]

Looks like Obama might spark that baby boom we forecasted…did you call a late night friend on election night? Be honest, we’re all adults. **wink** [NW]

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