Morning Coffee 11.19.08

Britney Spears’ documentary, “For The Record” airs Nov. 30 on MTV, where she asks such deep questions as “do I know that my life is weird?” OMG, I can’t wait! **sarcasm drips to the floor** [MTV]

Remember when we pondered just what Michelle Obama would wear to the Inagural Ball in 2009? Well, we weren’t the only ones. DVF has submitted a dress sketch to the soon-to-be first lady. [NYMag]

Alaska’s prolonged Senate race is coming to a close- but wasn’t closed when I typed this…Stevens- the Senator with bribes hanging over his head- was losing at press time. Why is this a close race again? [BBC]

Esther Apudo is 115 years old and one of the oldest people in the world, would you like to live that long? I don’t know if I do… [G]

Happy hump day! ALL THE SINGLE LADIES!!!

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