Morning Coffee 11.20.08

**DISCLAIMER: I just love this early flick of Bills and Hills. Sorry.** Former US President Clinton is agreeing to whatever the Obama camp needs so he won’t stand in the way of Hillary’s nomination as Secretary of State- or whatever else O’s team has in mind. Thoughts? [NYT]

In other news re Obama Cabinet watch: Tom Daschle = Health & Human Services Secretary. I think this dude took me around the Senate floor on a high school tour once. Does this make me important? *shakes head* [BBC]

Gmail themes…I’m thinking of the graffitti one but that might seemed contrived. [TC]

A teen was killed on Rikers Island prison recently and The Voice looks into whether the guards turned a blind eye. The young man reportedly bled to death over 12 hours. No easy feat, nor is that easy to miss…Hm. [VV]

Is it really Thursday already? Two bedrooms in Brooklyn- anyone know of a good one?

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