Obama Mania and France’s Dirty Little Secret

Like most Americans, I was obsessed with the election. Ironically the French are too. I can’t go one full day without French people wanting to know my thoughts….or better yet expressing their opinion. The hot topic a few weeks ago was the “Bradly effect.”

Side note: Seriously…if I have to explain this tired non-relevant and outdated 90’s theory again, I am going to scream!

Interestingly enough, France is overwhelmingly pro Obama-young, old , blanc (white), noir (black) and in between. He is literally a rock star here.

But France has a dirty little secret…… while French people are excited for America to have its first Black President…. (Upwards of 80 % supports Obama) these same well wishers when pressed will admit that Obama or any other black man would never have the opportunity to become the president of France. Statistically speaking with 80% support, Obama should win any race in France by a landslide. Maybe that’s why they are so intrigued by the “Bradley effect.”

French friends have tried to explain it in different ways but to their credit…they admit that their country is filled with hypocrisy. I already spoke to you all about this when I was looking for an apartment. Still, many believe Obama’s victory will pave the path for a person of color to become president in France. I can’t help but think…not in this lifetime. But who knows, I didn’t expect to see Obama in mine.

-French Kissed

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