Pomp and Circumstance

Looking for a holiday style that’s easy to do at home? Just add height to your ‘do. A super-high, slick-backed ponytail, or a stack of asymmetrical bangs with wayward curls (see Rihanna) will make you stand out in a crowded room of simple manes. You could also do the whole pompadour/beehive thing (like Queen Latifah…not like Marge Simpson), or blow out your usually tame curly fro to statement-making heights. For the holidays, bigger is better. Period. Just make sure you keep it a little edgy and add oversize earrings to balance out your chin area. Bonus: The added height on your crown elongates and slims your face — just what we need this season because we WILL be indulging in that extra slice of sweet potato pie!

—Ayren and Anabel

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