Rewind! Salem Al Fakir

Ever discover an artist that you wanna kick yourself for because you feel SUPER late? That’s how I felt when I first heard Salem Al Fakir recently. His single “Dream Girl” is my new fall jam, too bad it’s about two-years old. Some history: the Scandinavian crooner is somewhat of a genius. A child prodigy, he toured Russia as a solo violinist at age 12, and just like all great musicians, in addition to writing and composing, he plays virtually every instrument on his album—including the xylophone—take THAT Trey Songz! With that memorable hair and videos that tend to have an underlying silliness that you just don’t see that often here in the states, he is the last person you would expect to have such a soulful vibe, but he brings it with a Stevie Wonder / Bill Withers  like-seriousness on singles like “Thank You”, and “Good Song”. Sorry folks, I can’t find his album anywhere online, but he has some pretty cool merch here.

Your Welcome in advance! As you can probably tell, I tend to go “global” ALOT, more to come. – Bakes.


Peep the Video for “Dream Girl”:


“This Is Who I Am”

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