…Says The Single Girl: What Would Michelle Do?

Tuesday’s election not only thrust Pres-Elect Barack Obama into the spotlight and the history books, it also created a new superstar. An iconic figure that will formally change how black women are viewed in America.

Michelle Obama is a bad bitch.

And with that fierceness, comes the admiration of men who’ll droll over her like she were a Playboy centerfold. Not to mention the brown/dark skin ladies who will, because of her, come back in style.

For a lot of sisters, Michelle is now the Holy Grail. The epitome of what most women want: a husband, children, career and an independent voice.

Men, brace yourself, because in a couple weeks, if not days, you will begin to hear: “I need me a Barack”

To which you will undoubtedly respond (and with good reason): “Well, are you my Michelle?”

Ladies, let us prepare ourselves for this. It is my hope that the union of Barack and Michelle will cause a great shift in the minds of many when it comes to marriage, the role of the black man vs the role of a black woman and the art of compromise.

Before making a decision involving men, dating or sex, ask yourself…

What Would Michelle Do?

Scenario #1

You’re on a first date and its going OK. Dude is talking about his goals in life. Currently he is a night security guard making $10/hour and is in school for his associates. Over dinner he admits he wants to open his own security company. The night ends and he asks if you two can go out again.

What you would do?

Depending on how focused you are on money, a man who has more then you, etc there is a good chance you’d brush him off and ignore his next phone call.

What would Michelle do?

She would see that little sparkle in his eye when he speaks of his dream and support him. She’d bring him dinner once a week to his night job and massage his back when he’s stressed out during finals. When his biz becomes a reality, she’ll stand proudly by his side.

Scenario #2

You and you boo are at a dinner party and he mentions something personal about your relationship for humor purposes causing you great embarrassment.

What you would do?

Cut him the evil eye and make him follow you to the back room where you get in his ass.

What would Michelle do?

Instantly lean over and whisper in his ear “That was so uncalled for.” To which he will apologize in front of those who heard the comment: “I was being a jerk, I’m sorry.”

Scenario #3:

Its come to your attention that a another woman is attempting to snag your man.

What you would do?

Put that bitch in her place and ask your dude to reiterate your sentiment so she gets the picture.

What would Michelle do?

Stab her in the throat and have secret service dump the body.

See, we all aren’t that much different from the First Lady. Just know that if you want a great man you have to already be a great woman.

We all should take a page from Lady O. (You heard that nickname here first!) You can be a strong woman and still have it all.

—Says the Single Girl

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