Sweet Nectar of the Gods

Coffee is apparently good for you. Who knew? As a general rule, cheaply packaged drugs that trigger euphoria and increased alertness are typically bad for your health, but coffee is not crack, according to new research. Hooray for that!
A recent study from the Annals of Internal Medicine linked regular coffee drinking with longer life. Researchers don’t know what accounts for the benefit found in coffee, but it doesn’t seem to be solely linked with caffeine. The lower mortality rate for women stemmed from the reduced risk of heart attack and stroke for women who consumed between two and five cups of coffee per day (as compared to non-coffee drinkers). Decaf coffee drinkers also got a life extending boost, leading researchers to believe the benefit lies in the antioxidant compounds (phenols) found in coffee beans. Heart-healthy phenols may also help control blood sugar levels, while caffeine appears to stimulate gallbladder function and protect against Parkinson’s disease.

Like any drug, too much of a good thing can tear up the body, so moderate consumption is key. But, it seems fairly safe to scratch coffee off your list of vices and imbibe freely.

-Ms. Skeptical

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