The Blended Experience

I just got custom blended (face powder, lipgloss, eyeshadow and blush) at the Prescriptives counter in NYC. If you haven’t had this euphoric experience, go…now! It will change your life.

But, after the makeup artist color coded my complexion and asked me about my makeup sensibilities (a lot of color? sparkle? high-shine? dark or light?), I realized that I’m kind of boring, preferring a very neutral palette, all the time, over a bright pallette. Who ever made up the rule that you have to get all vamped up (dark lips, dramatic eyes, etc.) to look gorge at night, anyways? Looks like these celebs – with their subtle lip looks, sweet eye games,and just-pinched cheeks – agree that less can most definitely be more.

What’s your go-to night look?


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