To The Red Sox: No Bitchassness

I never did like the Red Sox, and it has nothing to do with me being a lifelong Yankee fan. In fact, for eight years they had my all time favorite player in their uniform, and I couldn’t bring myself to show any real hatred or animosity, outside of the fact that they had never really existed in my world before 2000. I just didn’t want them to win against my team.
My problem? All along, there always seemed to be an underlying layer of bitchassedness with that team. I saw it manifested most often with the fans, but it had its place on the field, and made a few appearances in the front office.
In its latest incarnation, Manny Ramirez, one of the best players they ever traded, is being dragged through the mud.

Right at the point where free agent talks are heating up, news of the Sox intention to suspend Manny Ramirez LAST JULY is all over the place. Really? Really? What month is it? Ok.

For those of you who don’t follow baseball, ManRam was traded to LA, and the Sox agreed to pay his salary to get him there. Right-he doesn’t play for Boston anymore.

The season is long over, its free agent and winter meetings time, and his name is STILL coming up from their side. As if the world just needs to know that they were going to suspend him (without pay) before he was traded. Why is this news worthy? Is ManRam just the latest victim of the Sox making ex players out to be the villain?

He’s a free agent now, he certainly won’t be going back to Boston, but “news” about him has been leaked all week. Why? To deter someone else from signing him? Fat chance. His talent level is too high, and even after this latest smear job, the general consensus seems to remain the same- he is quirky-but the numbers speak for themselves.

I’ve heard more than one fan come out and call him a cancer to the team. Really? Was it in remission when he was hitting your team to a World Series title or two? Or was that different?

I could see it, if it was Kevin Youkilis talking shit. ManRam bitch slapped him in front of God and Country during a game. The travelling secretary? Yeah him too-supposedly he was trampled to the ground after not being able to come up with tickets that had been requested. Randoms, who were in love until the front office decided not to be? Ugly.

People and situations change. I get it. I watched how they did Mo Vaughn, Nomar Garciaparra, and even Pedro Martinez from afar. It amazes me how quickly that city can turn on and feed on its own. In a way, Ramirez is no different. Clearly there were some things going on that none of us know about. He probably did some things that would turn our stomachs if we knew about them. They probably did some things to provoke it. No one is blameless in this situation. It just really bothers me that the media (and whoever leaked this to the media) is spending so much time on it.

There are better things to discuss concerning ManRam, like the fact he turns 37 next season and wants a four year deal. Or that he showed he still has the desire and talent to literally take a team on his shoulders and carry it.

The old team? The caustic front office and fans, the “we were going to’s”? All dead when they cut his last paycheck-and watched him play for another team to get it. Bringing it up now just makes them look as petty as they always seemed, only this time its laid bare for all to see.

Once again I am reminded of how much sports parallels relationships. “I dumped you first!” says the angry ex when you’ve moved on to greener pastures. Even if you ignore him, he goes on to air out all your dirty laundry, after the fact, to anyone who will listen.

Is it fair? No. Will it affect him being embraced by another city? Judging by the reception he got in LA, negative. Is it going to stop him from signing an even larger contract? Yeah no.

Is this to distract from the Pats not being perfect? Could be. Its dirty and foul any way you slice it. Here’s hoping he finds happiness in LA, out of the glare of the media, in a city where he’s wanted. Just like the manager.


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