Usher at NYC’s Hammerstein Ballroom

Since Bakes is all fancy, Gina Montana and I were able to tag along with her to Usher’s ‘One Night Stand’ Ladies Only tour in NYC. He was much better than when I saw him earlier this year at the Apollo. From his covers, Prince’s “Adore” (LOVE THAT SONG), to his newest single, “Trading Places,” Usher was absolutely the charming guy I missed these last few months after his songs fell from the charts. Oh yeah, and when that fan simulated fellatio on stage- that was pretty entertaining too. Well, that is until another fan in the crowd straight up grabbed his FRUITS & BERRIES while he was singing at the edge of the stage. I’m still trying to figure who’d make me act like that…yeah, still thinking. Suggestions? Check out our exclusive sit-down with Usher a few months back.

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