Afternoon Tea 12.01.08

Ok Amy. Even your Blaaaaaaake says it’s time to go, which is great considering that he turned you on to drugs in the first place. He wants a divorce and I officially want the “Frank” Amy back! {People}

Speaking of drugs and pop, our own Britney Spears was over in the UK trying to get a check. I could break it down for you, but Michael over at DListed just took the words outta my mouth. {DListed}

Did you eat as much as I did last week? Here is a good read on how to get that waistline down. {SundayTimes}

In one of our favorite places, Zimbabwe, the government is cutting the water off to it’s major cities since it can’t quite control the spreading cholera epidemic. Sigh. {Telegraph}

Oh Plaxico. Gotta take a gun to the club do we? Afraid you will see Redskins fans or something? {NYTimes}

WORD IS that our boy Jay Electronica is about sojurn to the Himalayas, Egypt and God-knows where else to shoot what could be the world’s most interesting video. You know Lady E will be in tow doing her Sacred Woman thang, let’s see what happens….

JBaker is groovin’ to the new Heroes of the Dancefloor release, “Torch”. All proceeds of the album go towards helping homeless peeps in NYC, support!

The Knack | Heroes of the Dancefloor | Torch


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